Why verify?
The verification (authentication) is here for your own safety. This way, you verify your identity. keeps making an effort to identify unauthorized users (fakes), pursuing copyright infringement and preventing data-theft, as well as providing a warranty for the real people behind the accounts. The verification also has other functions such as signaling to other users, that the account is real and serious, which will make communication among the users easier as the base-line for trust is higher and also the chances of being booked are higher, as well as the chance of an appointment taking place - thanks to verification of identity. In addition, some features may only be available for verified users.

What methods of authentication are there?
There are many different ways to verify an account. Mailing in a copy of your ID, or uploading a verification image.

How can I hand in my verification?
Copy of your ID: send a copy of your ID to:
Hendrik Siemens
Hochstraße 1
64625 Bensheim

Scan of your ID: The scanned file can be sent to echt [at] model-kartei [dot] de

Picture of the ID: the picture can either be sent to echt [at] model-kartei [dot] de or sent to Hendrik Siemens, Hochstraße 1, 64625 Bensheim by Email.

Verification image: a photo of you, holding a note with your ID number and username written on it.
Either by Email: echt [at] model-kartei [dot] de

or you upload the image to your sed card and send a pn to a moderator.

By Email:
echt [at] model-kartei [dot] de. Please include your ID number, otherwise it can not be processed.

By Mail:
send a copy of your ID to:

Hendrik Siemens
Hochstraße 1
D 64625 Bensheim.

Please also include your model-kartei ID-number here.
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