Last updated: 11.22.2012

# 1 Netiquette

As a member of our community, we ask you to tolerant and fair towards other users at all times. Be respectful towards other users and refrain from personal attacks of any kind. It is extremely important to us, that the predominant climate here is friendly and open.

There is no general entitlement to the use of the community. We reserve the right to revoke either completely, or in part, the ability for a user to participate in the community if they violate the following rules of conduct either knowingly, or unknowingly:
Uploading content which is:

  • racist,

  • pornographic,

  • misanthropic,

  • insulting,

  • contrary to morality


  • political discussions,

  • copyrighted material,

  • other posts or links that violate current law

  • are highly prohibited and will result not only in an immediate removal of the post, but possibly also the lockdown of the account for an in-/definite amount of time.

    We ask any user who notices a post that violates the rules to use the “flag for moderators”-funtionality. In the occurrence of abusive behavior, or actions that impair the community, such as:
  • flaming,

  • insulting,

  • spamming,

  • attempts of hacking

we reserve the right to get in touch with the responsible parties/contact persons (ISPs, Authorities, etc.) to take countermeasures. This may include claims for damages against the responsible party.

# 2 Cost

Using is free, with basic functions. Extensions can be purchased with VIP-accounts. Have a look:

# 3 Sanctions

Sanctions for any user may occur in the following cases:

  • insulting, flaming, spamming, trolling

  • repeated uploading of prohibited images

  • linking to pornographic sites from the sed card, of the forums

  • linking to sites for escort services, or sites that sell worn underwear

  • polling or visiting pages via automated scripts

  • any further activities that compromise the stability and integrity of either in part, or completely.

  • # 4 Moderators
    The team of moderators consists of the administrator, the moderators, the activators, the forum-moderators and the image-moderators.The moderators are required to have an eye on the utmost adherence to the set rules. Their instructions should be followed in any case. In order for them to complete their function, they are given access to a certain set of tools to block images or discussions, etc. from being seen by other users.

    # 5 Forums
    To participate in the forums, you will need your own, active, account. Because of the constantly changing content within our forums, it is not possible for us to maintain a gapless overview of all the content that is created and practice immediate moderation. We therefore accept no liability for the content, it’s honesty and the form in which it is presented to the users and can not be held responsible. Any author of a post is entirely responsible for their own content. Any views that are stated may very well diverge greatly from the views of, or any other persons that are connected to the forum. We ask you to only post content that is “on-topic” - which includes anything that has is mentioned in the description of each forums. Only the small-talk forums allow for off-topic discussions. Double- or multiple posts are not desired in any case and will be completely purged.
    This includes identical threads in different categories - or re-opening a thread because of a lack or reaction. should our moderators get the impression that multiple-postings of identical content were done on purpose, it may very well result in an in-/definitely locked account.
    Prior to opening a thread, it is often useful to consult the search function, as it will inhibit the same question from being answered several times.
    To avoid useless questions and stave off unnaturally long discussions with no end, we as you to use representative subjects and concise posts - the forums is not a chatroom.

    # 6 Videos
    Sufficient rights are required by the uploader for any kind of video (audio and video). By uploading the video, the ownership of these rights is indirectly confirmed for Content-wise, the videos are supposed to deal with modeling, photography and/or similar subjects in the broadest manner. GEMA-free music only!

    # 7 Changes to the rules of use
    These rules are subject to change by the administrators at any time and without prior notice. Regular checks to see small changes are suggested.

    # 8 Rules for images on
    Images that are displayed here should fulfill the function of self-display as well the display of art.
    All images must abide by current law. reserves the right to evaluate and delete any image without comment.

    The image-categories - more info on this can be seen under the headline “information concerning the marking of images” further below - should be correctly indicated for each image.

    Permitted images:[ul]
  • Lingerie images are permitted starting at age 16

  • Semi-nude images are permitted starting at age 18

  • Nude images are permitted starting at age 18

  • The vulva may be visible, but it should not be possible to “peek inside”

Prohibited images:

  • Pornography

  • Revealing nudes

  • Displays of violence are required to have a clear artistic intent and should neither glorify, nor play down the severity of violence

  • Genitals, pinkshots

  • The cover image may only contain a nude, or semi-nude image, if the sed card is not open to the public.

  • [ul]

    Quality of the images[ul]
  • Black bars, graphic distortion as well as similar techniques to qualify an image for are prohibitet

  • Only models may use typical mobile-phone images for their application

  • Clips from videos are prohibited

  • Images may not show any gross technical faults, e.g. distortion or rotation

  • An artistic intent must be apparent in the images

  • The sed card images must meet a certain quality standard and adhere to the rules

  • Displaying “off-topic” images is not permitted on your sed card, but can be done in separate galleries

  • Self-portraits (for photographers and make-up artists) are only permitted in seperate galleries

  • Images on should show models

  • ”Off-topic” images such as private images of babies, family and friends, as well as children under the age of 14, animals, landscapes, etc) may only be displayed in separate galleries and are not part of a sed card

  • placeholders or empty images are not allowed

  • Sed cards that comply with the aforementioned rules will be activated, if the also don’t violate any other rule of law.

    Rights of use
  • Rights of use must be agreed upon by all parties involved.

  • The photographer uploading the image has to be the creator of the image.

Information about tagging images
Tagging image content in images with relevant information concerning youth protection laws helps making images accessible, internally, to We follow Legislation very closely.

Nude-, body paint- and airbrush, lingerie as well as wet-look photographs:
Criterion for tagging is the visibility of the nipples (n) (w) or the crotch (f/m).

Blood, violence, horror, weapons:
This requires tact. ask yourself the following question: Can the image be shown to a child without hesitating? If this is not the case, please tag. In case of uncertainty, always choose to tag.

This is a very wide term. It should be handled in a similar fashion as “Blood, violence, horror, weapons”.
For example, implied BDSM-practices, bondage, etc. are relevant for youth protection, whereas simple images containing rubber and leather-clothed models, or models in handcuffs, or wearing a collar don’T need to be marked.

Erotic content:
This term is mainly aimed at Girl/Girl and Girl/Boy shots. Implied sexual actions of any sort need to be marked.

If anything is not clear the image-moderators can help you any time.
Thank you.

# 8 Rules for sed cards[b]
It is a criterion, that sed cards have the following traits:

  • A meaningful text about the owner of the sed card

  • Filled in shooting categories and sed card info

  • A sufficient number of images:

  • Photographer: at least 8 IMAGES of 2 different models

  • Model: at least 4 images, with one being a body-shot and one being a portrait

  • Make-up artist, Body painter, Stylists, Designer, Body artist: 6 images displaying work samples on at least 2 pieces

  • Image editors: at least 6 images for activation with at least 3 images showing the contrast between an original and an edited version of an image. The images should show a cross-section of the skills of the editor and display different types of technique, such as beauty-retouche, collages, composing, etc.. The quality of the work samples is crucial in getting a sed card activated

  • Studio: at least 4 images depicting the studio

  • Models are required to be at least 14 years for MK

  • Self portraits are only permitted as profile-images

  • [/u]

    Multi-user accounts:
    sed card managers and sed cards for agencies
    Groups-/Conglomerations of photographers

    Photographer groups are permitted according to the following rules:
    The photographers involved are either married or in a relationship, the group is part of a registered community that is working on a project for some time and has a name of its own, as well as structure. In such a case, the following must be included in the text: [ul]
  • The names of all those involved in the project

  • A sufficient explanation of the project

  • [/b]

    If several photographers use the same studio, please only create ONE separate studio card, while mentioning the owner/participants in the text. You then have the choice to either have one of you be the manager of the account or to manage it together. The studio should not be registered several times, for example because of adding it to the photographer’s card. The studio only exists once in reality, so it should also only have one card. As an alternative, only ONE participant can add the studio to their card and become the contact person that way. Rentable studios must include fees, equipment and opening hours.

    Ad agencies, Producers
    The link to your homepage should be provided.

    # 9 Verification of Authenticity
    The verification of authenticity (verification) serves the protection of the users. This is how a user’s identity is confiermed. is constantly at effort to find and remove fake profiles as well as infringing images and video and to pursue data theft and ensure the safety and securty of all model-kartei users.

    Verification through Photo ID:
  • This form of verification is an obligation for [li]make-up artists (and similar) and image editors
  • and voluntary or by request for models, photographers and studios.[/li]

Send a copy of your picture ID, passport or driver’s license (each with a picture)
+ ID number of your model-kartei account

  • either by email to

  • or as a copy by mail to:
    Inh. Hendrik Siemens
    Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 2
    64319 Pfungstadt

Verification through image comparison:
This method of verification is obligatory for models.
How to do it:
Take a picture of you holding a piece of paper in your hand with

  • The current date

  • ID number of your model-kartei.account

  • your nickname on

  • in HANDWRITING. Then:
  • upload the image to your sed card

  • inform your activator (CLICK HERE)

The image will be automatically deleted, after the verification has been approved.

Verification by registering a company:
This method of verification is obligatory for producers and ad agencies.

Send a copy of the Company registration, or your tax number
+ ID-number of the account
+ Nickname

  • as a scan, by email, to

  • or as a copy by mail to:
    Inh. Hendrik Siemens
    Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 2
    64319 Pfungstadt

This counts for all checks:
Verification may take 2-3 days. In case you haven’t heard anything up until then, please get in touch with us. Email address: and find out more. Please always include ID-number.