Meeting with Betty10.04.2021 | 1:48
The Artists Hand10.04.2021 | 5:04
This small video was inspired by a long narrative poem I wrote about the ambiguous and manipulative relationship relationship of artist and muse.
Behind the Scene Shooting Video09.04.2021 | 0:56
Schaut euch das kleine Video als Werbe Video für mich an :)
Acting showreel Kathyinframe08.04.2021 | 1:49
A short video to show you a few different facets I have as an actor
Boxing Photoshop Rush07.04.2021 | 2:16
Retusche (Schnelldurchlauf)07.04.2021 | 2:01
Edit Myself ;)07.04.2021 | 2:24
backstage05.04.2021 | 0:19
ein paar Sekunden behind the shoooting
Bluesy Friday02.04.2021 | 2:21
Wächter-Figuren mit musikalischer Untermalung gespielt auf einer ALOSA Replique (so heisst die Gitarre) .. mit dem iPhone aufgenommen
multipède mécanique01.04.2021 | 4:51
Mime and movement, featuring modern dancer Julia Gómez Avilés This video was made at a painter friends apartment in Rotterdam who clearly doesnt believe in washing the floor! ;-)
Girl on Bed01.04.2021 | 0:17
Music: Sterling Angel
Kakkerlakker01.04.2021 | 4:57
Kakkerlakker is a poem I wrote and which was originally published by The Angry Poet. This video was made as an afterthought after I made the video Muse with Rebecca Tun.
Video31.03.2021 | 0:35
Muse31.03.2021 | 8:06
Muse is a monologue written in poetry form, where the muse questions the motivation of the artist and her own collaboration with the artist. I wrote the script about eight years ago and made the video [...]
Into the Deep31.03.2021 | 0:54
Dancer: Verena Music: Into the Deep used with permission from the composer and artist
Vika in Berlin31.03.2021 | 3:54
Karo, dance sitting30.03.2021 | 0:32
Mywonderfulsadtime...30.03.2021 | 0:55
Ein Teil meiner Zeit
Exhibition of Gert Kist29.03.2021 | 3:00
My photos had displayed at the exhibition of Gert Kist in the gallery Peter Leen (2018)
Dana im Studio 126.03.2021 | 4:16
Dana tanzt nackt auf dem Stuhl
Bodypainting Festival26.03.2021 | 1:28
Ein Video von