31st May 2016
Cabo de Roca, Portugal

Photographer: Pedro Pargana
Coordinator: Joana Paula
MUA: Inês Lapa
Video: Bernardo Gramaxo


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1 year ago
Enjoy Portugal, I enjoy your lovely pictures.
LG Hans-Peter
Okay, that's not enough time to visit Sintra. You must see Palácio Nacional da Pena and Palácio de Monserrate! Enjoy Portugal!
1 year ago
Tomorrow all day horseriding the beautiful Lusitanos on Lago de Albufeira, then in the countryside in Azembuja, on Saturday it's one shoot in Sintra in the morning and the rest of the day sightseeing in Sintra, and then Lisboa and Porto/Aveiro depending on time and how much energy I have left ;) wonderful country and great people indeed!
Oh, thank you! I will visit next time! Portugal has a lot of beautiful bays, beaches and other places too. Did you visit Sintra? It's near by!

1 year ago
Jobst, it's actually a beach nearby, Praia de Ursa, the bear beach... a difficult hike, but totally worth it!
Wow... wie immer sehr gut
Amazing Location with this body.
best regards
Echt!? Ich habe da gar keine von Steinstaplern gestapelte Steinstapel gesehen...

Really!? I haven't seen from stone stackers stacked stone stacks there ...

Regards / LG
Schöne Frau und tolle Location.

Liebe Grüße von

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