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Former Professional (English-Born) photographer, now living in semi-retirement in Iserlohn, NRW, Germany.
Having previously having worked as a conflict photographer for many years, my 'real' work now consists of some occasional corporate portraiture, lifestyle and social Event work as well as a little local news and sports to keep my hand in. 

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My modelling-photography is conducted on a strictly hobbyist-basis for my personal enjoyment and with no commercial outlet.

T&Cs for all shoots are covered by my Model Release & Usage Agreement forms, which will be made available for examination prior to any shoot. No Release Form = no shoot.

Escorts/Chaperones: None, no exceptions, apart from U18s and I seldom work with those. If you have confidence issues, then my kind of work probably isn't for you.

All Model-shoots for personal use are TFP unless you want to call the shots, in which case you'll be paying me. 'Calling the shots' also covers things like demanding all images from a shoot, deciding which images to edit, etc. The only paid shoots I conduct are for third-party clients or those shoots with a predetermined commercial outlet. Please do not contact me with your rates: if I do need a model for a paid-shooting, I'll contact you.

Models: I hope you will read my references and check them by messaging the models I have worked with. You should do this with every photographer you work with...

Also... If you put ENGLISH as one of your language options, it would be helpful if you can actually speak it - even if only a little... :-)

PNs - If I message you, it's because I think you look great and want to work with you - I'd appreciate it if you would take the time to respond - just so I know you've understood the message at least - even if it's just 'Yes', 'No', or 'Maybe'.
I DO NOT permit Escorts in my studio or on location shoots.
The only escorts or companions permitted are those for models under 17 years of age - this will be the model's legal parent or Guardian.

If the model requires a driver, they are welcome to meet me then wait in their car or a nearby coffee shop until the shoot is finished.

No-one is allowed in the Studio during the shoot who is not directly involved as part of the creative effort, such as a Stylist, MUA/Visa etc.
Finally - a note on Watermarks:
All of my work is watermarked apart from older images comissioned by clients.
Unfortunately in this day and age of everyone thinking everything they see on the internet is 'free' for them to download and use for their own purposes, watermarking images is the only way photographers can assert ownership in the event we catch someone stealing images. Otherwise they can claim they did not know who the image belonged to and that it was an Orphan Work. By removing or altering the watermark they demonstrate that they not only knew but have attempted to circumvent worldwide Intellectual Property Rights.

Small watermarks may be aesthetically more pleasing but they are easier to remove.

All images supplied as part of a TFP arrangement will be watermarked accordingly.

Images supplied to paying clients will not be watermarked - so if you want unwatermarked images - you must pay me.
While I recommend most of the models I have worked with - all can be found either in my Network List or by looking at the Photo-Credits next to the images in my SC - some models I do not recommend for various reasons - they may have 'flaked', cancelled for no good reason at short notice, been late or unprepared for the shooting.
For more info on a particular Model, PN me for details.

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