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Ich werde diesen Sommer in DEUTSCHLAND (& wahrscheinlich SCHWEIZ, ÖSTERREICH & PRAG) sein. Brauchen Sie ein kreatives Model?
Kontakt email für Informationen:


I am a full time, professional, versatile (
internationally travelling) dance-ish art/commercial model. I live in England (Oxford, near London) and travel internationally for modelling. I love visiting Germany (I am half German) and am trying to improve my language skills, but English is easier for me! :-)

IMPORTANT: If you'd like me to model for you, it's best to send a direct message stating so (not only comment on my images) and then I will reply and maybe we could arrange something. :-)
...I always try to reply to messages within a few days, but sometimes do struggle when travelling. If you require an urgent response, please tell me. Thanks!

About me:

I like to help create the best images I possibly can. I work with photographers, painters and artists of various media, whether amateur hobbiests or experienced industry professionals, for exhibitions, workshops, commercial publication or for-the-fun-of-it creative portfolio building. I welcome all enquiries, questions and ideas, whether it's last minute or far in advance, and wherever in the world you are.  

Available for and experienced in: 
- COMMERCIAL (Fashion, Lifestyle, Dance/Sports, Wedding, Hair/Beauty) 
- ART (anything beautiful/interesting and tasteful; nothing adult-themed)

I AM... 
- Represented by commercial agencies, highly experienced in artistic nude work, happy and effective in a range of styles 
- Dance trained (see section below). I use my love of movement and stories to add grace and expression to your vision. 
- 5'7.5, UK size 10 with a unique and natural (but versatile) look: wild hair (naturally curly), 'English Rose' skin (pale and blemish-free) & blue-green eyes. 
- Toned, flexible and slim with feminine, classical curves. 
- Confident enough to deliver as well as thriving on new experiments 
- Friendly, absolutely reliable, very easy going and always being described as 'calming'! 
- Add-able on FACEBOOK. Accept no imposters! :-) 
- Slightly addicted to BLOGGING about my modelling experiences (with fresh new images twice per week - far more than you'll see here!) 

Please visit my website - for 15 full, individually-themed galleries, references, my résumé plus info on creating with me... 

TRAVEL... I like seeing new places. 
Click here for the most detailed and extra-up-to-date travel schedule. 
- I travel frequently, around Europe and world wide. 
- You can often influence my itinerary by sending me a message; my exact travel plans are sometimes flexible according to expressed interest. 
- On my wishlist: Everywhere. Excuses to visit 'everywhere' welcome. [IMG] 

- I don't accept/include images for my own portfolio in which my body shape has been 'liquefied'/altered. Yes, I might look incredible nipped/tucked/inflated... But I'd rather becredible. (I don't mind in the slightest if photographers want to do this stuff for their own uses.) 
- I am proud to have an extremely high proportion of re-bookings from artists/photographers. Click here for a few testimonials. 
- You can read an interview in PHmag here. Or this one, 'Modelling, Vanity and Self-Awareness', published on Model Mayhem. Or this article/interview hybrid, 'The Muse', by David Bollt. 
- I modelled exclusively for an internationally-renowned painter for a year (3/4 times a week; not from photographs); I'm good at keeping still! It was an honour. You can see some results on my website. I still model for him sometimes (and am available for work created with various media). 
- I'm frequently told I look much younger than I am. I am lucky to have excellent skin without retouching (plus a healthy lifestyle). 
Here are some videos. 
- I'm a full time model and writer (a general resume is on my website). 
- I'm fuelled by Earl Grey tea. (No coffee, alcohol, smoke, meat or fish...) Earl Grey. Or Chai. :-) 
- I'm very very experienced at modelling for tuition/workshops (boudoir, fashion, nude, portraiture, wedding...). I'm relaxed, friendly and good at putting people at ease. I can pose with or without direction, as required. 
- I'm pleased to announce the fruit of several months' coordination and three years of my happy deviation into a life of art modelling: an official print book, 'Faerie Garden', is now available for purchase, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the artists involved! Read all about it here, and you can view/purchase it here, with a proportion of any profits going to Amnesty. Thank you. 

D * A * N * C * E 
A life-long passion; I have trained in many different styles since the age of 3. (My parents never bought me a pony, though... I'll forgive them one day.) 

Styles currently doing: Commercial (aka Hip-hop/Urban/Street) - 4 classes/rehearsals per week with a performance company. 
- Bellydance/Raqs sharqi (Arabian, Turkish, Egyptian, Tribal & Fusion) - performed with troupe. 
- Hip-Hop, Street, Jazz, Tap and Character - exams taken to a high/professional standard. Many university performances 
- Ballet & Contemporary - exams taken to high standard. I can pose (simply) en pointe. 
- Salsa (performed for demonstrations regularly whilst at university) 
- Flamenco, Bollywood, Gypsy Dance, Tango - some experience 
- Garifuna/Punta (aka 'bootyshake') - taught by locals in Caribbean Central America! ;-)

Watch a 100% improvised, unplanned solo (filmed as a last-minute favour by Mark Bigelow) 

- I come to shoots with my hair naturally wavy/curly, unless something else is requested in advance. I can style it myself, or if you feel like hiring a hair stylist, that's always fun; it can make such a huge difference to my look and get you some extra-striking images! 
- I am able to do my make up to a high standard, from 'natural' to 'evening/glamorous' (most of what you'll see is done by me); if you want extra bold/intricate make up, I can recommend or help find a make up artist. 
- My wardrobe collection is vast and diverse. (My personal taste is eclectic/colourful/feminine/bohemian/glamorous.) I can provide lots of things in different styles for shoots, including ballet tutus, skirts and pointe shoes, wedding dresses (Vintage Victorian and modern) and bridal corsets, bright sports/dance/yoga-wear, colourful and casual fashion, glamorous evening dresses and sophisticated ball gowns, beautiful lingerie (lace, silk, sheer, flowing, vintage, diaphanous, bright and modern...), romantic pre-Raphaelite clothing, plus jewellery, accessories, props, isis wings (I have two pairs of these; they're bellydance props!), silk dance veils, world costumery and lots more to add texture and interest to imagery. I have a habit of bringing too much, so you will be spoiled for choice. 
- If you want to work with me but aren't sure what theme/style you'd like to experiment with, I have a list of ideas I haven't yet done which would make for some fresh and interesting images. Just ask! 

Have a nice day, and I hope to hear from you!
Response Time
more then 7 days
21 Measurements
Trade Certificate/Free Lance
Ella Rose work with commercial license or freelance.
Stanley. Elliott Brown.
Spoken Languages
Sedcard Information
  • Age
  • Height
    5' 8"
  • Weight
    123 lbs
  • Body Size
    22" - 17" - 25"
  • Bra
    34 C
  • Size
    6 (S)
  • Hair
    Dark Blond, long
  • Eyecolor
  • Shoe Size
  • Appearance
  • Skin Color
    Very Light
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
Shooting categories
  • Portrait
  • Lifestyle
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Bodypainting
  • Theater
  • Cat Walk
  • Yes
  • No
  • Fashion
  • Swimwear
  • Topless
  • Fetish
  • Television
  • Dance
  • Promotion
  • Maybe

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