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I will be in the south of Germany (Stuttgart, Manheim, Pforzheim, and other places) at the end of July and beginning of August 2014. Please ask for details and rates! Thank you!


I am a full time, professional, versatile (
internationally travelling) dance-ish art/commercial model. I live in England (Oxford, near London) and travel internationally for modelling. I love visiting Germany (I am half German) and am trying to improve my language skills, but English is easier for me! :-)

IMPORTANT: If you'd like me to model for you, it's best to send a direct message stating so (not only comment on my images) and then I will reply and maybe we could arrange something. :-)
...I always try to reply to messages within a few days, but sometimes do struggle when travelling. If you require an urgent response, please tell me. Thanks!

About me:

I like to help create the best images I possibly can. I work with photographers, painters and artists of various media, whether amateur hobbiests or experienced industry professionals, for exhibitions, workshops, commercial publication or for-the-fun-of-it creative portfolio building. I welcome all enquiries, questions and ideas, whether it's last minute or far in advance, and wherever in the world you are.  

Available for and experienced in: 
- COMMERCIAL (Fashion, Lifestyle, Dance/Sports, Wedding, Hair/Beauty) 
- ART (anything beautiful/interesting and tasteful; nothing adult-themed)

I AM... 
- Represented by commercial agencies, highly experienced in artistic nude work, happy and effective in a range of styles 
- Dance trained (see section below). I use my love of movement and stories to add grace and expression to your vision. 
- 5'7.5, UK size 10 with a unique and natural (but versatile) look: wild hair (naturally curly), 'English Rose' skin (pale and blemish-free) & blue-green eyes. 
- Toned, flexible and slim with feminine, classical curves. 
- Confident enough to deliver as well as thriving on new experiments 
- Friendly, absolutely reliable, very easy going and always being described as 'calming'! 
- Add-able on FACEBOOK. Accept no imposters! :-) 
- Slightly addicted to BLOGGING about my modelling experiences (with fresh new images twice per week - far more than you'll see here!) 

Please visit my website - for 15 full, individually-themed galleries, references, my résumé plus info on creating with me... 

TRAVEL... I like seeing new places. 
Click here for the most detailed and extra-up-to-date travel schedule. 
- I travel frequently, around Europe and world wide. 
- You can often influence my itinerary by sending me a message; my exact travel plans are sometimes flexible according to expressed interest. 
- On my wishlist: Everywhere. Excuses to visit 'everywhere' welcome. [IMG] 

- I don't accept/include images for my own portfolio in which my body shape has been 'liquefied'/altered. Yes, I might look incredible nipped/tucked/inflated... But I'd rather becredible. (I don't mind in the slightest if photographers want to do this stuff for their own uses.) 
- I am proud to have an extremely high proportion of re-bookings from artists/photographers. Click here for a few testimonials. 
- You can read an interview in PHmag here. Or this one, 'Modelling, Vanity and Self-Awareness', published on Model Mayhem. Or this article/interview hybrid, 'The Muse', by David Bollt. 
- I modelled exclusively for an internationally-renowned painter for a year (3/4 times a week; not from photographs); I'm good at keeping still! It was an honour. You can see some results on my website. I still model for him sometimes (and am available for work created with various media). 
- I'm frequently told I look much younger than I am. I am lucky to have excellent skin without retouching (plus a healthy lifestyle). 
Here are some videos. 
- I'm a full time model and writer (a general resume is on my website). 
- I'm fuelled by Earl Grey tea. (No coffee, alcohol, smoke, meat or fish...) Earl Grey. Or Chai. :-) 
- I'm very very experienced at modelling for tuition/workshops (boudoir, fashion, nude, portraiture, wedding...). I'm relaxed, friendly and good at putting people at ease. I can pose with or without direction, as required. 
- I'm pleased to announce the fruit of several months' coordination and three years of my happy deviation into a life of art modelling: an official print book, 'Faerie Garden', is now available for purchase, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the artists involved! Read all about it here, and you can view/purchase it here, with a proportion of any profits going to Amnesty. Thank you. 

D * A * N * C * E 
A life-long passion; I have trained in many different styles since the age of 3. (My parents never bought me a pony, though... I'll forgive them one day.) 

Styles currently doing: Commercial (aka Hip-hop/Urban/Street) - 4 classes/rehearsals per week with a performance company. 
- Bellydance/Raqs sharqi (Arabian, Turkish, Egyptian, Tribal & Fusion) - performed with troupe. 
- Hip-Hop, Street, Jazz, Tap and Character - exams taken to a high/professional standard. Many university performances 
- Ballet & Contemporary - exams taken to high standard. I can pose (simply) en pointe. 
- Salsa (performed for demonstrations regularly whilst at university) 
- Flamenco, Bollywood, Gypsy Dance, Tango - some experience 
- Garifuna/Punta (aka 'bootyshake') - taught by locals in Caribbean Central America! ;-)

Watch a 100% improvised, unplanned solo (filmed as a last-minute favour by Mark Bigelow) 

- I come to shoots with my hair naturally wavy/curly, unless something else is requested in advance. I can style it myself, or if you feel like hiring a hair stylist, that's always fun; it can make such a huge difference to my look and get you some extra-striking images! 
- I am able to do my make up to a high standard, from 'natural' to 'evening/glamorous' (most of what you'll see is done by me); if you want extra bold/intricate make up, I can recommend or help find a make up artist. 
- My wardrobe collection is vast and diverse. (My personal taste is eclectic/colourful/feminine/bohemian/glamorous.) I can provide lots of things in different styles for shoots, including ballet tutus, skirts and pointe shoes, wedding dresses (Vintage Victorian and modern) and bridal corsets, bright sports/dance/yoga-wear, colourful and casual fashion, glamorous evening dresses and sophisticated ball gowns, beautiful lingerie (lace, silk, sheer, flowing, vintage, diaphanous, bright and modern...), romantic pre-Raphaelite clothing, plus jewellery, accessories, props, isis wings (I have two pairs of these; they're bellydance props!), silk dance veils, world costumery and lots more to add texture and interest to imagery. I have a habit of bringing too much, so you will be spoiled for choice. 
- If you want to work with me but aren't sure what theme/style you'd like to experiment with, I have a list of ideas I haven't yet done which would make for some fresh and interesting images. Just ask! 

I've changed my age on here to fit into the 'under 25' age bracket for photographers searching with this criteria. I'm actually (happily!) 27, but look younger. (Not trying to deceive!) 

Have a nice day, and I hope to hear from you!
Response Time
more then 7 days
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Trade Certificate/Free Lance
Ella Rose work with commercial license or freelance.
Stanley. Elliott Brown.
Spoken Languages
Sedcard Information
  • Age
  • Height
    5' 8"
  • Weight
    123 lbs
  • Body Size
    22" - 17" - 25"
  • Bra
    34 C
  • Size
    6 (S)
  • Hair
    Dark Blond, long
  • Eyecolor
  • Shoe Size
  • Appearance
  • Skin Color
    Very Light
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
Shooting categories
  • Portrait
  • Lifestyle
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Bodypainting
  • Theater
  • Cat Walk
  • Yes
  • No
  • Fashion
  • Swimwear
  • Topless
  • Fetish
  • Television
  • Dance
  • Promotion
  • Maybe

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