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Female Model 23.02.2018


  • Trade Certificate/Free Lancework with commercial license or freelance.
  • Spoken Languages

Sedcard Information

  • Age25
  • Height5' 8"
  • Weight133 lbs
  • Body Size26" - 16" - 24"
  • Bra36 2D
  • Size8 (S)
  • Shoe Size7.5
  • HairBrown, Very Long
  • EyecolorBrown
  • TattoosFew, Belly
  • PiercingsFew, bellybutton, eyebrow (I can remove it)

Shooting categories

  • Portrait
  • Lifestyle
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Bodypainting
  • Theater
  • Cat Walk
  • Fashion
  • Swimwear
  • Topless
  • Fetish
  • Television
  • Dance
  • Promotion

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