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Private workshop in Prague

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Three is a magic number. Three hours of focused learning by doing. All in a friendly, cozy and fully equipped space, with only three people on set - you, a nude model and a professional mentor of photography, lighting and editing. No messy jungle of other participants like on all the public group events - you are the only one taking photos here. You bring home timeless photos and priceless hands-on experience from at least three various sets we'd build and light together. All tailor-made to your unique needs on your individual photographic journey. Here at Prague Boudoir we've got well over a decade of knowledge in posing, lighting, styling, shooting, editing, publishing and model booking to share with you! Whether you're only just contemplating if photography is for you (we have a camera for you to use) or you're a beginner or a hobby photographer, and even those more experienced of you, we share your photography passion and have a lot of experience and skills, tips and tricks to share with you here in a safe, private, comfortable setting.

What You Will Learn
- communication with a model
- to navigate the camera and strobes settings
- to make less mistakes (in composition, lighting etc.), especially those that are difficult or impossible to fix in postprocessing
- building and styling a photo set, so that your photos stand out
- to not be afraid to experiment and be creative
- working with available natural light
- flash photography, to work with strobes when the lighting situation or your creative idea requires it
to train your eye for detail (if Nikola was a comix superhero, this would be her superpower:)
- independence and confidence and practice, to be able to shoot on your own, gain better muscle memory with your camera and know the menus and settings and technical stuff and lighting better than just from watching tutorials
- additionaly, we’re here to help you with post-processing, either give you a head start if you’re new to it or improve your current skills, help you find your editing style and optimize your workflow so that you’re using current technology and techniques, same goes for camera gear or lighting equipment and everything photography related

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