It was a tough week but here I am. When I found this picture, I was determined to draw.
Sometimes I don't know how to start a project, but when I'm stand just right there, doing lines on the paper, with music on and breathing with each trace, I feel completely free, enjoying my time, until I find finished my drawing and the practice is over.
No matters how difficult things could be, solutions are around the corner, keep up the good work...

The rest will just flow.

By the way, Jolina is awesome!

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3 years ago
Grandios, Genial! Dieses Bild sollte in einem berühmten Museum hängen!

LG Marcus
It's always a pleasure to admire your great and unique work!

best wishes, redfox
I just hope that you know what a great artist you are.

This is only one of your stunning results.
I love them all!

bw, redfox
5 years ago
beautiful art style
5 years ago
Simplemente maravillosa!

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