My boudoir studio in Prague is now equipped with the following:
- Canon 6D with battery grip
- Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM and Canon EF 40 mm f/2.8 STM
- 1x Elinchrom BX500Ri
- 1x Creative Light 150cm RF Octa Softbox (with removable grid and diffuser)
- 1x beauty dish 70cm (with removable grid)
- 3m x 3m background stand (white, dark blue)
- 1x boom stand (aka Galgenstativ. 1,6m stand plus 2,2m arm, up to 5kg) on wheels
- 1x 5-in-1 reflector pad 100x170cm on a tripod/holder; can be used as flag wall as well
- 1x Elinchrom Skyport transmitter
- 1x Elinchrom Skyport receiver (to trigger your light together with mine, the BX500Ri has built-in receiver)
- 2x sand bag

I'll raise the rental fee once I have more light equipment here (more Elinchroms and more Dedolight permanent lights) so book your shoot now that it's 250€ for a half day all included. Beer/coffee is on me, too ;)

Cheers and model for you at my home soon :*

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vor 1 Jahr
Thank you, Olivier! And two more identical 500Ws Elinchroms are on its way now from the UK, expecting them next week :*
It's a comfortable trip from Wiesbaden to Prague, would be lovely to host our next shoot here! Been a while ;)
vor 1 Jahr
excellent location.
vor 1 Jahr
@Dirk thank you, looking forward as well!!!
@Michael I know, we did great and yes it had a different kind of sexappeal this place when it was all kind of empty ;) I got it because of the natural light and we had that aplenty ;))) but I always wanted a nice home and you know, photography is just like real estate, the key is "location, location, location" ;))))
vor 1 Jahr
Looking great and I just can't wait to shoot with you in May at your place :-)
@Nikolart: Oh, I had no problem with the emptynes.. ;) You, a room and light is all it takes to make great photographs... :)
vor 1 Jahr
Thank you Thomas! Next time you're here it will be again a bit better and rearranged. Working on new sets and improvements every day. Good night from the boudoir! Niky
vor 1 Jahr
Your location is very nice. I can recommend very much!
This new constellation is fanstic too. You are very flexibale with a lot of fantasy
Best regards
vor 1 Jahr
Thank you, Martin, book it now because with all the €€€€ that I'm dropping into this place for the past 11 months, I'd be raising the rates at some point. And yes it's convenient to drive from Regensburg ;) It's less than three hours, if you leave early morning, we can grab a brunch and shoot and you'll be able to be back in Regensburg to catch the evening news if you want to make it a one day quick trip. Or you could stay a bit longer, do some sightseeing, like, see the most beautiful library in the world for example ;) yes, that's here as well ;)

hugs and come shoot, all you need is a camera. Wait, I have a camera here now, so you don't really need anything. ;)

realy nice location.....
if I come to Praha, and Regensburg is not so far,
we can shoot there :-)
Regards Martin
vor 1 Jahr
@Michael ;) some eleven months ago you were the first one to shoot me here at home, I admit, it was kinda empty back then, but I had no time to arrange and invest in it back then ;)) all the more reasons to come again, hm?;))

@Jürgen thank you so much, really appreciated, happy you like it. I'm trying to not have it as cluttered/overdecorated as the nice place we had in Munich, because it was sometimes too much props in the shot, disturbing. But there were some really cool things/furniture/details and it keeps inspiring me still. Whenever you feel like shooting boudoir with me, I've got the place ;) and not just boudoir as I have backdrops there in the back to the left of the photo, and I'll reveal my refurnished bedroom next week ;) stay tuned!
vor 1 Jahr
What a beautiful location. Well done Niky. Even the equipment sounds great. Prague sounds like a great alternative and the beautiful city is also worth travelling.

Warmest, Jürgen
oh, I see, I need to come back :)
vor 1 Jahr
Pick a date that's not booked or I'm not traveling, Reinhard, and we make it happen ;) where you can switch to "book me locally in Prague" will show you all the days when it could work ;)

vor 1 Jahr
I think, I have to come to Prague.


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