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1 week ago
Beautiful soft sensual boudoir shot
lovely pose
great light

4 months ago
So perfekt uns soo lebendig!
5 months ago
Eins der schönsten Fotos
6 months ago
Many French songs are about the way your relate to a woman and the look in her eyes. And the atmosphere. This picture brings it all together.
8 months ago
Sehr schön
Tolles Bild
8 months ago
for me its your best pic... cant say in words...lg jan
9 months ago
Sehr toll inziniert und festgehalten
das gefällt mir sehr gut... ist Quite nice
9 months ago
You are soooooo stunning! A pity you aren't in my area....
10 months ago
Great shot, great model!
10 months ago
Like it:-) let me know ones you come to Munich.
Best regards
10 months ago
Klasse Blick, klasse Foto.
Starke Lady auf den Bildern, kommt schon gut.
Gruss M.
10 months ago

best regards Sten
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10 months ago
beautiful and authentic!
LG Christian
Ein super entzückender Blick!

Fröschliche Grüße
10 months ago
sehr klasse....
Starke Arbeit, gefällt mir sehr gut
Lg Pad
Absolutely beautiful!
Regards, Harry

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