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Das ist so wow....!
3 years ago
Offen, gerade aus, keine Faxen, viel Persönlichkeit, so "einfach" und genial gelingt euch ein Portrait mit Blickkontakt auf Augenhöhe zwischen Modell und Betrachter.
LG Udo

Best regards,
3 years ago
I like pictures where I feel that is Alisha, so she steps out into the world. Pictures where I look at an idea that leaves more than superficial naked skin. Pictures that have a personal charisma...
Great moment
3 years ago
Pure, Honestly, Directly ... i like such Portraitwork. greetings Nik
3 years ago
thanks for everyone! :)
... stunning beauty - really adore this portrait of yours!

kind regards,
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3 years ago
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