The show is over,
the clown steps back.

He made a fool of himself
and he was laughed at.
He was just there
wasn't really one of them.

But it was important,
as a scapegoat,
as a lackey,
as the one,
cover up the mistakes of others.

The show is over,
the clown steps back,
the crowd rages.
for the arts of the artist.

The clown is sitting lonely
in his corner,
tired and exhausted,
once more he amused the crowd,
once again others get the applause.

The show is over,
the clown steps back,
for the very last time,

The show must go on,
the show begins,
the clown enters the ring,
a new clown
is laughed at.

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2 months ago
Bild, Text KLASSE!!!!
LG Willi
rein von der Mimik her klasse gemacht
2 years ago
[@396209] Danke Dir!
[gone] User_396209
2 years ago
Eine klasse Serie - dazu noch der Text. Mir gefällt es, wenn man sich mit einer Idee intensiv beschäftigt.