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4 years ago
J.S. was lovely to have around for a few days of wonderfull shootings. While she stayed with her Dutch family-in-law, she came over every day, and we dropped her off on the first after touring parts of the Netherlands to do some wonderful Landscape shoots (see the results for yourself)

She gives it all, adds fun, profesioanlism and quality to a shoot... We had a fantastic time with her. We will most certainly work with her again. I hope :-)

Thank you for a wonderfull time together.

Marja & Jeroen

6 years ago
Gratulation ! Bin wieder einmal über deine Sedcard gestolpert und habe deine neuen Aufnahmen bewundert. Muß echt sagen, die gefallen mir. Auch deine Shooting-Bewertungen sind nicht ohne. Ein recht beachtlicher Aufstieg . Weiter so.....! Lg. SCHEDI, Graz
6 years ago
Mach doch mal ein paar Polaroids. Interessanter Start.