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Galleries 4

130Poledance Position I
90Poledance with Lara
131Shakin´& movin´
100at the pole: Lara
151New Look greatings to Irving Penn
151Hommage for Irving Penn
161Seasonal greetings to Irving Penn
192Remembering Irving Penn
172One for Irving
370Grey bathrobe red sofa and the girl
140come closer
140Dream on
181the bathrobe scene
7715Waiting in the car for his return
562Enjoying life in black and white
8714wonderful tonight
588Shy in bw
120Fine exotic pole dance feat. Lara J
100Pole Dance I
181Elegantly doing her trick at the pole
142the widow
215She is so much into the elegance of the fifties
171She wears all black
131In the fifties
70Yellow and the New Look
466What a woman she is
334It‘s just a step to the right
313Having a cup
170Turn around
364Lost place and dancing girl
120it´s easy to feel lost at this place
335Dancing girl in a lost place
140Having a break from dancing at a lost place
272Thinking about her next dance
281Unlocking the safe of untold secrets
280Don´t look back in anger
162Having a break
202Beauty on the chair
100beautiful actress of a forgotten time
192Will he follow me?
140Vintage girl
151Tia vintage
140zickzack bag
213Steam Punk with Anna
92Steampunky II
454Hi Ingrid
425Light and darkness
150Black and white impressions
120hoodybody black and white
171Marleen posing for fashion
241Marleen posing
231Marleen II
232Marleen subtle in bw
201She is a vintage girl II
171She is a vintage girl
131Enjoying film noir II
201Enjoying a film noir evening and a whiskey on ice
302enjoying an film noir evening
282Vania in vain
211Having a break
211shy look
161prideful bride
30Shadows on the wall
110Iga on the red sofa
111colourful shades with Iga
151beautyful girl
163Iga pure
102Angel of my choice
100silence and silencing
121der Engel der Gerechtigkeit
101As angels fight
471Making use of the red cushion
331Daring danger
191Sitting red in bw
202Sitting red
120PLaying with light and Anna
120Blue shadows
162a star and stripes bw
322Being in bad company
220Sexy legs and loooong
170sweet girl but bad company
260having a seat
110hiding behind the light
91Lady in black and white, she is a singer
51in sight
152Turning to me
231Turning her beautiful face in my direction
121Getting ready for the concert
192colorful delight
140Bends and bows
160Lazy sunday afternoon
172Long Long
100Blue hoodybody
120Having a good time II
170Having a good time
251Lost girl in a lost place
181Schönheit und Verfall
160Immaculate girl in a rotten place
80two pretty girls at one lost place
90Lonely girl in a lost place
80Lost (girl and place)
130Lovely girl in a lost place
130Blue Fashion
152See, feel, smell
182and keeping Moet & Chandon in her pretty cabinet
70Waiting girl
60Ready for fashion
100relaxed lover
181Enjoying a drink or two
362At the window
110Morning light
171Wild red
142Some glamour on the crane
213Glamour on the crane
151Graceful girl
102ready for the ballroom
31Colorful delight II chewing the gum
151At the tree
80late evening sun
231Girl playing the harp
200moving gracefully
90Maja wearing the hoodybody
212Remembering Rita
202Listening to her master´s voice
190Answering to her master´s voice
220recently at the opera
160blue hooded girl
231Who are you?
231Steel and the girl in the hoodybody
120Playing around
220Redhead blue body nice ass and don´t miss the nails
110last day on the Titanic III
130for that special titanic feeling
120Recently on the titanic
121Machine room on the Titanic
170recently on the Titanic II
190So gracefully moving her skirt
212Sometimes xmas can be so sad
170ready for christmas eve
222girl playing the harp in a film noir movie
200The girl and her harp playing for film noir
140Lost in her eyes
273Dark hair and red hood
450Sitting on the floor
231Cheer cute
321it was that big
243Life in black and white
232On top of the crane
190the Beauty and the steel
50the zebra and the jeetah
252recently at the party
210In the light
120in the swing
291Swing as you are singing
110Ready to swing
270Looking at me
150Having a drink or two in her pretty boudoir
150Gangsta´s paradise
121gangster´s pretty bride
222Vintage christmas
307Lady-Torrero with blue diamond
201Que linda Seniorita
271graciosamente bw
180Seniorita M
221Walking on the wild side of life
150Way down
251Do you need some more gas?
181Olivia in black velvet
322ready to get out of the ballroom dress
160Coming home from the night out
160Portraing Styana
273Look around
230Resting for a moment
180Redhood for snowwhite
131I keep my eye on you
150rare views
271Hey stranger
130The backside of a happy evening
150Red Hood
250red hood II
171It´s just a jump to the left
110Having a break from the party
111Having a break from the party II
303like fashion fashion like
262Lady in green
182up the wall
162Waiting for the next session
222walk in green
211Making a side step to steam punk
182Yellow as Maja
60Light at the entrance to the tunnel
171Modern amazone
171Amazon girl
192Amazone keeping an eye on you
220Amazone sitting down
120Most powerful amazone
90Fashion torrero II
81She is a fashion torrero
100Come and get your kiss
110Fashion amazone
160New age amazone
171Listening to the sound of silence
150Just Stacy
80Just another pelvic thrust
90Back home late night
111Getting home late
263Back home
150Red on green
153Keep an eye on me
250Sharon at the window, waiting for the detectives to come up
280Mrs Stone is not amused
296The moment before the detectives get in
252Diamond cross
291She looks like a dandy
60(s)he is a dandy
220Should I?
110at the Spree
123Vintage at night
120night at Bellevue
140Umbrella and the festival of lights
172La Belle at Bellevue
150Circle of light
70Take care
110open up
172Maja in bw not yellow
202Little Red Riding Hood - but where is the wolf?
102The fashion version of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf
235Red Hood Fashion
151Soft Sun
151Feeling well in the sun
123Golden girl in black and white
150pure black and white
60black and white in the tunnel
30Black in high fashion in black and white
181Look at me, I am here
2810Head up
120high fashion can be so colourful
140Doing high fashion
273Summertime but still cool in black and white
191Gracefulness in black and white
153Goddess Athena
111Arching bw
100black and white and black and white
271Not as innocent as you might think II
151Just a rose
261Still shy
290Four roses in black and white
212Five beautiful roses
181Why is he looking at me?
190Is he really after me?
81He told me to meet him late at night at the columns
130Flexible Fashion Girl
174Viktoria B.
180Lady in white
150Blue hour
121Sheila at the wall bw
120Sheila at the wall
161Sitting at home
60Summertime in the wicker chair
170It is all about the eyes
121Ready for the night out
110Let me see you throw your stola
182Hair to feel
140night out
181Don´t blame me for my bra
151Lady in green
110Look at me
132Legs crossed
121Masked in black and white
201Open mask
120Golden Delicious
140Listening to the sound of silence
200Head up
131Beautiful tonight
200Lady in white on the piano
452a cup of coffee
121Coconut kiss
110Die dritte Frau
61Back then
152Thinking about her next step
145Die Spreewaldperle
90First time in Berlin
80Miss J. at the film noir set
121Strangling all her adversaries
161Dark desires
150Das rote Tuch
100She is going to poison him
271reduced to black and white
173lady with the red roses
211glänzend II
171the bride
91bride sw II
120Bride in bw
81Alex next to Stanley´s chair
130Alex doing the violin
92Violence is no solution
72Stanley would have liked it
50Alex with his knife
110Murder at the film set
161Bild aus Hitchcocks unvollendetem Film
70Setting light on the scene
121The spy who loved me, the scene before the agent gets in
80The spy who loved me
102Ain´t she sweet
100Having a last drink at the backdoor
112Feeling alone at the backdoor of the bar
122Ain´t she sweet
170Anxious mind
142Here is my bag
222in the corner II
130Proudly presenting
150Did I hear a knocking at heavens door
83nameless beauty II
121It´s Joker´s bride
170She follows the dark knight
133cool and easy
90Hey, what you want
295in the garden
231Cool cat
170She attracts all the attention
303Young girl in an old car
190Gangster´s bride
223A night like this - Film Noir
172Wearing her sisters pearls
190Black belt
160Black and white and red pearl
180Blue Eyes
90Yellow Blues
100What do you want?
80After having done all the household
200Have you heard about
226Calling Betty
170Thinking about the meaningless of life
210Sitting on a packed suitcase
50Joker is in a bad mood today
113No joke it´s the Joker
20Joker and the time bomb
20all cards in his hands
50Joker and the yellow time bomb
294Turning away
110I´m going to shoot him when he gets thru the door
173waiting to be taken out
180Getting out
130Suspicious mind
220Cicilienne in Toscany after the godfather has left
90Don´t dare to
80Far from being relaxed
80Cicilienne in Toscany waiting for the godfather
202Rita calling
194Jealousy can be dangerous
160Blue angel
222Oh, do you really think so?
140Look it´s coming thru the window
100I am desperate, he hasn´t returned yet
81Saturday night
100It´s worth to take a walk on devil´s hill
192Sitting cool in the acrobatic towel on devil´s hill
123Sunset at devil´s hill
70Dancing Queen III
181Sing my song
80At the circus
50Mesdames Messieurs
100Golden girl
160Afraid of the colour bomb
70Hit by cosmic nebulae
241Sending a smile
123Happy with the new bag
110Lady in red
90waiting for the right piano player
151Beautiful dancer
180Step by Step
190Turn Cinderella, turn for me
90The girl of the piano player
152Ready for the night out
141Red on red
110Lightening the castle for Riff Raff
60Lady in green
40Princess Franzi I.
30Walking by
10Hey what you want
150The beauty and the beast