by Anandarupa · 66 Photos

Anna is in a class of her own. Superb features, unbelievable face and body. Authentic to the core. Fun to work with. Great character. Full of energy. Radiant. A dream come true. The one who has it all. Thus far we shot roughly sixty times together, in nature, in dust and dirt, in a studio, my first ever G/G, on a light table, on location, at the beach, in Cape Town and Rome. All of these shootings were special and over time a very trusting relationship has developed between us.

Photos 66

461Bridge over troubled water.Anandarupa
521Trusting recline amidst a sea of black.Anandarupa
220Ornaments. Tattoos meet constructiveness.Anandarupa
130My name is Anna. I am Madame Butterfly.Anandarupa
181Moments in time.Anandarupa
343Look at me.Anandarupa
210I‘ll let it sink first.Anandarupa
241Speechless seduction.Anandarupa
250True flowers merged into each other.Anandarupa
321In sync.Anandarupa
300Gentleness. Pure and unadulterated.Anandarupa
340Floating hair and the sweetest of a smile.Anandarupa
411Open and with you.Anandarupa
380Sunken hands, knees and most lovely feet.Anandarupa
190Anjali mudra.Anandarupa
322The best medicine.Anandarupa
403Left thumb lifted.Anandarupa
261Let my spirit carry me.Anandarupa
301Beautiful dark eyes.Anandarupa
321Deep within myself.Anandarupa
171The red dress.Anandarupa
180Yes. You‘re right. I can be different.Anandarupa
271Monastic temptation.Anandarupa
320Dreaming of better days.Anandarupa
252Monastic joy.Anandarupa
192Smile ! You‘ll see: it changes everything.Anandarupa
251I‘ll be damned.Anandarupa
111The lightness of being.Anandarupa
340Private view.Anandarupa
252Colors and flashes. Caught. In the blink of an eye.Anandarupa
412Late autumn sun.Anandarupa
311Even angels like to sit from time to time.Anandarupa
493Eyes are the windows to the soul.Anandarupa
442I could stare for a thousand years.Anandarupa
260Calculated mathematics.Anandarupa
401Pure authenticity in red.Anandarupa
160Pointless trying to describe it.Anandarupa
773Fearless in white.Anandarupa
280Simply monumental.Anandarupa
191Half way through.Anandarupa
170The world I love.Anandarupa
240Hip hippieness meets vivid forestry.Anandarupa
252Casual under a green roof on hard rock.Anandarupa
250Red soles and a finely folded vest.Anandarupa
361Do you need counseling ?Anandarupa
290That little finger and the art of seduction.Anandarupa
342Gentleness, clarity, self-esteem. All in one.Anandarupa
180The last rays of light at the end of a sunny day. Thankfulness.Anandarupa
291Wedged lift under the bridge in red.Anandarupa
181Red rocket.Anandarupa
201Happiness. Spelt.Anandarupa
312No mistaking. I am Anna.Anandarupa
371Don‘t mess with me.Anandarupa
433Look into my eyes.Anandarupa
360Windy conditions.Anandarupa
472Undeniably beautiful.Anandarupa
282Can I trust you ?Anandarupa
642Determination and truthfulness.Anandarupa
281With you. All the way.Anandarupa
452I‘ll live. Take it or leave it.Anandarupa
130Cuddle up. Love and care.Anandarupa
282Read my eyes.Anandarupa