Portraits70 Photos
I just love faces, and eyes, expression.
Dessous49 Photos
The beautiful shape of a female body enhanced by delicate nothingness. I love lingerie.
Nature14 Photos
Nothing better than to breathe fresh air.
Anna Abstraction.13 Photos
Anna is as graceful as can be. A character. Upright and true to the bone. A pleasure to be with. Interested in every aspect. Attentive and awarded with keen eyes. She is a lighthouse of human beauty. [...]
Two days with Chloe Rose.56 Photos
Chloe and I agreed on a two day shooting covering home and various outdoor locations. I drove down south and spent two days in her environment. A carefully planned excursion glided into a most enjoyable [...]
MadamButterfly69 Photos
Anna is in a class of her own. Superb features, unbelievable face and body. Authentic to the core. Fun to work with. Great character. Full of energy. Radiant. A dream come true. Thus far we shot four times [...]
Teilakt/Akt98 Photos
Nothing to declare.
Fine Art Nude.18 Photos
A friend once said to me: "when you are naked you make yourself vulnerable, you let go of your last defense". The simple truth is, he was right. Whenever I raise my camera to take nude pictures, I remind [...]
Bodyscapes.11 Photos
I just love my 85 mm lens.
Scepticism shattered.15 Photos
My first ever G/G shooting. I was so nervous ! I had a vision, an idea, had thought about both personalities looking at their SC quite a bit beforehand. The Yin & Yang dresses were my first association [...]
Beauty and fashion.4 Photos
Series.26 Photos
Stories to be told, to be seen.
Sheirina and Jessy.30 Photos
These beautiful young women have been knowing each other for quite a while and both are veterans of erotic images. Their togetherness was vivid and authentic, which spelt that for me it was just sheer [...]