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1 year ago
Tremendous work.
3 years ago
That's a piece of art, exactly the way a nude lost place picture should be! Elegant, terrific light and not only blunt nakedness.
BR Olaf
4 years ago
This long legs and the perfect butt are perfect.

4 years ago
Wunderbares Bild
Lieben Gruß, Stefan
4 years ago
I love it
Great Lost Places Picture, That's Art!!!
Greets Daniel
5 years ago
Tolles Modell, großartiges Bild
[gone] Thomas_Lu
5 years ago
perfect, I like this style. hot view
6 years ago
.....great work.
6 years ago
EINFACH Superklasse ???
Total sinnlich !
great Location, greater model!

6 years ago
Hai Lili

Thnx a lot for your nice message!

First I had a look at your portfolio,and I must say it looks fabulous!
love this one the most!
lovely pose,gorgeous figure!
fantastic location and light!(looks a little like my location)(see the sepia shot)!

very nice .. extraordinary location

greets ::A:C::
[gone] | Hannover
7 years ago
Erotik vom Feinsten, ganz großes Kino

7 years ago
Amazing picture... Great contrast between the rotting room and the gorgeous body. Wonderful lighting / muscle tone on back.
[gone] gap_art
7 years ago
Beautiful Body, in a perfect Ambience
[gone] csc.photosign
7 years ago
marvelous body in a great location!
7 years ago
Nice pic, great po..sing, top body, wonderful location, i like black/white..
lg. Johann
wunderbar, diese ebenmäßige Definition im Rücken und der Kontrast zur rissigen und blätternden Farbe.

LG Christian
7 years ago
Klasse die Perspektive
7 years ago
That looks really great !
I like those pics at lost places..gorgeous!
GLG Kiljan
[gone] User_257756
7 years ago
Sackstarkes Model........!!
VG Jos
[gone] Scott Hall
7 years ago
Very, very cool!
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Wunderschön das ist ja Super gemacht. Ein ganz tolles Foto.
7 years ago
Wunderbare Arbeit on Lost Place.
LG Uwe

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