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7 years ago
Sehr stimmungsvoll
7 years ago
What a great nature pic. Handsome Outfit & Posing.
regards Detlef
7 years ago
exactly "my cup of tea", great foto
- rad bych vedel, kde jste to fotili -
zdravi martin
7 years ago
Must say, you are a lovely natural beauty who know what it needs to create captivating images. Keep up your great work.

Br, Hannes
8 years ago
märchenhaft schön
LG mias
8 years ago
heheh i was afraid u are talking about my age:-) haha
yes it was a nice place in the czech forest...
8 years ago
Great picture in a beautiful location.
I like how the curves and cracks and split ends really shows the age…i'm of course talking about the tree! ;)
You look great - a forest nymph!
8 years ago
Großartig! Hübsches Modell in imposanter Kulisse!
LG Heinz
#4 You will no longer see this post.
8 years ago
a fantastic picture - i like it
best regards , Stefan
8 years ago
Sehr schön. Verwunschen und elfenhaft.
hübsch ... schönes Bild!

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