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6 months ago
Supper, gefällt mir sehr.
Lg. Edi
[gone] User_190801
5 years ago
Eine Frau der absoluten Extraklasse!
7 years ago
Incredible beautiful sensual image!
love your pose,look and curves!
great light and location!

[gone] *Rebell* Roberto
7 years ago
7 years ago
wunderschön und sexy!
7 years ago
really wonderful
Bravo an Model and Photograph
Piero Molinari
[gone] Madlook
8 years ago
Was für geniale und harmonische Formen und Kurven.
beautiful, great pose

8 years ago
Nikola, that's just great!
[gone] User_473201
8 years ago
Amazing! An brilliant and noble Picture with very discreet post production, great
8 years ago
I'm flattered you all like my mermaid-out-of-pool pose:) I like it too, it's decent and sexy without showing any of the, ehm, let's call them Facebook-problematic areas:)
a sunny xoxo
[gone] Mart!n G.
8 years ago
Cute face, perfect pose!
8 years ago
So sexy your Posing, i love it
best regards sweet Lady
8 years ago
Sehr sehr prickelnd :-)

9 years ago
i need to remember this pose for next shooting :P
[gone] User_330967
9 years ago
great pic


9 years ago
Xmas thanks to Udo, Guido and Hatti! Thank you for stopping by even in the holiday season:)
9 years ago
an absolutely perfect model! best regards, Udo
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9 years ago
echt gelungene Arbeit, kompliment.
Grüße Hatti
9 years ago
Thank you so much, lady and gentlemen!
9 years ago
das finde ich sehr schön :D

Sexxxy girl!
9 years ago
Very fine - the picture, the scene and you.
LG Hans-Peter
Ein traumhafter Blick und sexy PO-se.

Liebe Grüße von
9 years ago
You are an angel ... i know
Lieben Gruß, Stefan
9 years ago
I karamba... That i call hot ;)
Greetings Thorsten
9 years ago
Damn right, Dennis!:) Thank you!
9 years ago
This is damn hot!
9 years ago
And thanks to you, Scotty, as well!.-)

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