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3 years ago
so richtig schön.....dieser Blick.....ein bildschönes Gesicht....Augen die sprechen....da kommt was rüber.

lg Manfred
What a beauty!
4 years ago
Krasne!!!!!! wow :) great
4 years ago
Eine sehr schöne SW-Arbeit, tolles Portrait
4 years ago
Ein traumhaft schönes Gesicht!! Eine Augenweide !!
Best compliments for your beautiful face !! I like it !!
4 years ago
Top your special pose... a lovely foto of you!!!!
Regards from Switzerland
4 years ago
Was für eine unglaublich wunderschöne Frau!
5 years ago
I am glad to see you also have such nice portraits in your sedcard. Actually, you should have more portraits on your sedcard! Many pictures from you show the beauty of your body. But this picture shows other aspects of your talent. This portrait tells us more about your personality and your beauty.
So Wonderful in Black & White.
Best Regards Jürgen
5 years ago
wonderful ! i like it .
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5 years ago
Very nice.
Best Regards, Hank Hoff
5 years ago
ein wunderschönes sinnliches Portrait und ein ganz charmanter Ausdruck!
5 years ago
just beautiful,
you are a gouges woman with great talent
I love this so much!
6 years ago
I like this Portrait.
6 years ago
You're a wonderful woman, perfect posing!
Yours sincerely
Fantastic view

Regards Jürgen
6 years ago
Super hübsches Model. Toller starker Ausdruck!!
what a wonderful Portrait !

6 years ago
Beautiful model, excellent lighting = awesome picture, compliment!
Kind regards Gerhard
[gone] model-casting-vienna
7 years ago
great looking!
[gone] User_462878
7 years ago
Wunderschön -tolles Portrait!
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Ein wunderschönes Portrait einer außergewöhnlichen Frau :-)



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