Lingerie by Tereza Vu
Photo by Lucie Desmond

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2 years ago
Perfekt-a Dream.!
Gruß Kurt
Wonderful model and portrait.

bw, redfox
2 years ago
Wow... it's great and i love it!
Greetings from old town Lübeck
3 years ago
wow ganz Fantastisch-
LG. Jutta
3 years ago
On this photo you look like a film star *****
3 years ago
I do love that one of you :)
great. super and sexy
3 years ago
An arresting phrase. Simply beautyful!!!
Very beautiful...!!!

Greetz Jörg
Great Picture !!

3 years ago
A beautiful face!
3 years ago
Sehr schön... Idee und Umsetzung gefallen mir sehr gut...

Grüße Boris
3 years ago
.... Chapeau, tres chic.

3 years ago
What a great picture
lg Edmund
3 years ago
Sehr sinnlich und zart, mag ich sehr.

LG Susanne
3 years ago
Beautiful, with such natural posing ability.

Br, Hannes
perfect... I like your style
3 years ago
sehr schöne Arbeit.....leise und sinnlich....und eine bildschöne Frau.

lg Manfred
3 years ago
Very Sensual portrait, great to look at. Love your gaze and the colors.
Lg from Munich,
Awesome composition and stunning look! Thumbs up ;)
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3 years ago
Your are so beautiful!
I like your face, very nice picture from you.

lg Rainer
4 years ago
LG Uwe
Nice ** Wonderfull Portrait Lg
4 years ago
Your look is so beautiful...!
LG Wolfgang
4 years ago
LG Thorsten
4 years ago
that is beautiful !!
4 years ago
wie sexy!