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2 years ago
Wow !!! I like it :-)
Very nice photo!!
3 years ago
Really good, I'd like to see it in b+w!
3 years ago
Das finde ich super schön!
LG Rainer
[gone] formositas longa vita brevis
3 years ago
little fairytale princess in big grassworld
I like it!

4 years ago
I really like the way you nearly disapear underneath the big straws. Very nice composing and really fine art!
4 years ago
Tolles Foto
Gefällt mir sehr gut.
LG, Hermann
4 years ago
Great scenery, your body in front of the reed in the warm sunset colours.
NR Georg
[gone] -TV-
4 years ago
Gefällt mir sehr gut.
Kompliment und Grüße von Thorsten
4 years ago
Schaut super aus mit den warmen Farben!
Viele Grüße!
Natural beauty in beautyful nature
Ciao Alex
4 years ago
WOW!! Very interesting!!!

Greets, Franz
4 years ago
thank you very much :)
4 years ago
Superbe Model.