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2 years ago
Wunderschöne Aufnahme.
LG Thorsten
3 years ago
Eine sehr schöne und stimmungsvolle Arbeit!
3 years ago
Excellent, Respect. I like.
Best, Ortwin.
3 years ago
I am afraid every chessplayer would have difficulties to stay concentrated...
Have a nice evening!
3 years ago
Are you not good at stripp - chess ? XD
Good picture!
3 years ago
Very elegant!
3 years ago
great stuff
3 years ago
weiss zieht . . .
LG. Horst von TDS
3 years ago
Love this picture. You are simply very beautiful.
3 years ago
Ich kann auch Schach spielen...
schöne Idee
ha ha... dame auf T1 :-))

Sehr schönes Bild

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