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2 months ago
wow,what a cool pic.
You are so flexibel and able to act in any way.Fantastic..
A merry christmas to your family and you
from Brandenburg
1 year ago
Voller Dynamik und doch ....
... Du schreist in die falsche Telefonmuschel.
Gruß aus Konstanz
1 year ago
Hello, I would like work with you. ;)

beautiful picture
Business mal anders ! :-)
LG Andreas
cool 'n nice - well done.
3 years ago
Klssse, so voller Dynamik!
Viele Grüße!
3 years ago
Nice photo! Lucky I'm not the caller, I guess he/she got earache... :))
3 years ago
call me, please ;)
3 years ago
You are the new secretary ?
Best ... Norbert
3 years ago
What a yell
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