23rd May 2017
Erpel, Germany

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Waldfee mit Style.
4 months ago
That's absolutely bequtiful! The color of your dress is perfect for this picture. Your posing withd the tree is excellent. And you are the most beautiful woman one can imagine for this picture.
Very fantastic. Best regards rico
10 months ago
Great portrait; pose, expression, color, light . . . all are exceptional.
Truly a beautiful model and wonderful photo.
Nice work.
LG Stephan
10 months ago
ein super schönes Bild
LG Rudi
10 months ago
Starkes Fashion Bild ToP Lg
1 year ago
Wonderful. black hair, red dress, shooting in the woods ... grown up little red riding hood ...
1 year ago
Dankeschoen, Hermann!
Have a great evening
1 year ago
traumhaft schön.
LG Hermann