Nastyay Day ;-) by RickB From the gallery Nastya
Nastya Day ;-)

This is my very very first photo of Nastya, exactly 4 years ago. I have the habit to keep the very first photo of a shooting, maybe for a book with a little story

When Nastya visited me for the first time, we talked about music, and found, that we both played the violin. I had one very nice handmade masterpiece of Holger Krupke made in Germany and she played it for me.

This is, how she opened my heart and the friendship holds on. Thank you so much, dear Nastya!

Sorry for the poor technical quality of this photos. Who cares?

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2 years ago
Sehr stark. ganz großes Kino !!!
Lg Manfred
3 years ago
Ein wundervoller Beginn!
LG Gert
3 years ago
Feine Arbeit, gefällt mir gut. Liebe Grüße Norbert
3 years ago
wunderschön anzusehen

3 years ago
Das ist ja genial in dem zarten weichen Licht...TOPP
Lg ricci
3 years ago
Schön so Erinnerungen zu haben
Lieben Gruß, Stefan
3 years ago
Klasse Foto von der hübschen Nastya !!

lg Jörg
3 years ago
Vielseitiges Mädchen.
LG Stefan