From "Voluttà e Mediterraneo" photo show in Corigliano Clalabro

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2 months ago
catering is most important with shooting sessions.
3 months ago
This is reality pur!! I like this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
Da würd' ich mich gerne mit an den Tisch setzen. Zum Essen, versteht sich.
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[gone] User_149496
3 years ago
Great photo. You know. Take care, Alessandra.
Kisses and hugs
3 years ago
thats italien food i like :D
3 years ago
... and pure!
3 years ago
great Work, lg Konrad
3 years ago
Beautiful concept and capture! -- Cheers, Heiko
[gone] User_531807
4 years ago
italienischer gehts kaum !!!
ein wunderbarer augenblick . ich mags so sehr.

lg klaus
[gone] User_422904
4 years ago
Reminds me on Gina Lollobrigida! ;-)
4 years ago
that's super cool - love it!
4 years ago
thanks to everybody!!
4 years ago
und bella spaghettata!
I love it! :-)

regards uli
4 years ago
Thank you Harry!!
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Spaghetti e vino per la ragazza itliana…
Great Pic!
Regards, Harry

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