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4 months ago
Just so great, a wonderful expressionistic portrait.

I totally like it. :)

Excellent portrait. Rembrandt's triangle at it's best!
6 months ago
schitterend portret in R. van Rijn licht … intensief en heel mooi. groetjes
Super portait, wonderful eys and face
2 years ago
A wonderful and very expressive Portrait :)
Great picture
[gone] User_556984
2 years ago
Love your facial expression here :-)
2 years ago
2 years ago
You remind me of the great old Dutch painters - let´s try doing photos like that ...
2 years ago
Pure mood in your facial expression Emma,

there is a lot of depth in it, my thoughts are trying to imagine what yours were at this moment. A really striking portrait!

Cheers, Mike
2 years ago
Beautiful, intense b&w portrait. Chapeau.
Best regards Maximilian
[gone] User_528657
2 years ago
This is a stunning portrait, very fine work both from the photographer and from you!
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2 years ago
Love it ...
LG Bernd
2 years ago
Erfrischendes, schlichtes und einfach wunderschönes Bild ohne aufwändiges Makeup, maskenhafte Bearbeitung und ohne Silikon. Solche Bilder würde ich mir mehr wünschen. Bravo!
2 years ago
you show a beautiful atmosphere.. especially here on this one ! welcome
[gone] User_279211
2 years ago
Interessant, den realen niederländischen Hintergrund habe ich jetzt erst gesehen. Liegt also wohl tatsächlich irgendwie im Bild...
[gone] User_279211
2 years ago
Hat fast was "Klassisches" niederländischer Malerei.
Starkes Portrait!