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5 months ago
1 year ago
perfect, regards Konrad
A brilliant shot ;-)
That is an outstanding portrait of yours!
Cheers Michael
1 year ago
fantastic, really fantastic.
1 year ago
Great look, beautiful model, great work
1 year ago
eine zauberhafte Aufnahme und ein super hübsches Model ! Klasse Arbeit von euch beiden !
Wow. World Class. Breathtaking. ohromující.
Hope thats korrekt.. Jeremy
1 year ago
...eine schöne Pose und ein Blick der magisch anzieht!
LG Harry
2 years ago
Geniales Portrait!

glg, Dieter
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2 years ago
Such a beautiful face and body :-)
Great picture
2 years ago
What a Styling....
Love it!
2 years ago
Another beautiful capture. Bravo!
2 years ago
A stunningly beautiful picture. BR, Sebastian
2 years ago
WOW, was für ein geniales Foto. Kompliment an Model und Fotograf

LG Detlef
2 years ago
very well staged and captured in the picture
2 years ago
1A. I like.
Best, Ortwin.
2 years ago
Very beautiful.

LG Pit