61He`s more myself than I am...Sidellu Gwynder
50looking for a reflection of myselfSidellu Gwynder
90Deine Aufgabe ist nicht, die Liebe zu suchen...Sidellu Gwynder
80May DaySidellu Gwynder
170sadnessSidellu Gwynder
80emotional violinSidellu Gwynder
70But at night, when all the world's asleep...Sidellu Gwynder
40Won't you please tell me what we've learned?Sidellu Gwynder
70Falling, the feather is learning to fly....Sidellu Gwynder
111long as I am alive...Sidellu Gwynder
211Zum Muttertag ein Rapsfeld...Sidellu Gwynder
90may there be...Sidellu Gwynder
120MaySidellu Gwynder
100emotional violinSidellu Gwynder
80May there be...Sidellu Gwynder
40Die Poesie der DunkelheitSidellu Gwynder
151hello in there!Sidellu Gwynder
60bubblySidellu Gwynder
110be close to meSidellu Gwynder
70stand aloneSidellu Gwynder
100look twiceSidellu Gwynder
90a crooked smile fits everywhereSidellu Gwynder
161through a curtain of tears with laughter and rainSidellu Gwynder
60For me, Mother`s Day is the day I commemorate myselfSidellu Gwynder
131twilight dreamingSidellu Gwynder
121A sensual fashion portraitSidellu Gwynder
50A sensual fashion portraitSidellu Gwynder
90there`s thunder in my heartSidellu Gwynder
130and in that moment, I swear we were infinite...Sidellu Gwynder
70meet me at the midnight portalSidellu Gwynder
60follow meSidellu Gwynder
71how long does it take you?...Sidellu Gwynder
40about the great order of odd fellowsSidellu Gwynder
50portraitSidellu Gwynder
80like a prayerSidellu Gwynder
60I believe I can be...Sidellu Gwynder
41I believe I can be...Sidellu Gwynder
30I believe I can be...Sidellu Gwynder
100Frankfour`, mon amour... Stadt mit so vielen Gesichtern.Sidellu Gwynder
120fall coloursSidellu Gwynder