Sidellu Gwynder
Ein neues bittersüsses, emotionales Stück und Musikvideo von mir, anzuschauen unter
Female model 02.06.2023

Sedcard information

  • Age54
  • Height5' 6"
  • Weight129 lbs
  • Body size22" - 16" - 23"
  • Bra38 B
  • Size6 (S)
  • Shoe size9
  • HairBrown, Very Long
  • Eye colorBlue
  • TattoosNone
  • PiercingsNone

Shooting categories

  • Portrait
  • Lifestyle
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Bodypainting
  • Theater
  • Catwalk
  • Fashion
  • Swimwear
  • Topless
  • Fetish
  • Television
  • Dance
  • Promotion

Galleries 17

40A bittersweet melody
61He`s more myself than I am...
50looking for a reflection of myself
111long as I am alive...
211Zum Muttertag ein Rapsfeld...
30519~ on my way...! ~
13810Mirror, mirror...
793~ dark moon ~
151hello in there!
322Chasing the golden light
80Lady in hat
50sunny spot
261embracing the darkness that lives inside of me
70Frankfour`, mon amour... Stadt mit so vielen Gesichtern.
100Frankfour`, mon amour... Stadt mit so vielen Gesichtern.
70stand alone
161through a curtain of tears with laughter and rain
121Frankfour`, mon amour... Stadt mit so vielen Gesichtern.
101don`t give up!
131twilight dreaming
91bubble fun
100the musician
814~ by the light of your mind ~
131music was my first love...
121A sensual fashion portrait
100Am Apfelbaum
120perfect moment
120a breeze of sunset in another field
70Frankfour`, mon amour... Stadt mit so vielen Gesichtern.
70Frankfour`, mon amour... Stadt mit so vielen Gesichtern.
131white melancholic beauty
231trust me I`m beyond the archetype
130and in that moment, I swear we were infinite...
71how long does it take you?...
492laughing eyes
170she needed a hero...
100an der alten Kirche
130an der alten Kirche
141FFM & the sun
230You don`t know me. You don`t own me.
313climbing rose
110the beauty of brokenness
142those were the days, my friend...
192Chasing the golden light
413my strong, courageous make-believe...
220Von Eiseskälte und Herzenswärme
746time for the soul
1797~ At the door ~
14420~ all cried out ~
1133on the bridge
141strong nature
181fragile strong winter hearts
1045Neptun`s daughter rising ~
90a love like ice and fire
253Don`t forget about me...
390Pure nature
270Das Lächeln der Gänseblümchen
552show me heaven!
230Catch me I`m falling!
130It`s a sin
270Heute eine Königin...
503~ iron woman ~
344being my own shell
320in the middle of the bloom
211And if I knew that you love me, too -
333snow white was dreaming
212to be free
372~ the water elf`s dance ~
313Interview with an independent woman
325I got you!
502As long as you love me
412~white horse~
17311~rocky beauty~
13013~ Breakfast at Tiffany`s ~
413les voix du bois
482~the moon bride`s dream~
484Musik der Nacht...
953~ eyes ~
897The dark side of white
406~ magic survives ~
251Like a soul`s whisper...
406~keep your heart up~
753~a summer invitation~