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Galleries 50

Teilakt/Akt84 Photos
Nothing to declare.
Portraits48 Photos
I just love faces, and eyes, expression.
Black and white.107 Photos
Taking out all color means reduction. A reduction to the core of the image.
Vanessa.119 Photos
With over 2000 shootings under her belt Vanessa probably is one of the most photographed models here.; some photographers have shot with her dozens of times. I understand why. Apart from a perfect body [...]
Aurora.39 Photos
Aurora is a top model, professional from head to toe. Enthusiastic, full of ideas, creative, durable, courageous - a dream to shoot with ! She is blessed with a most beautiful body and a face to die for. [...]
Anastasiia.4 Photos
Young. Vivid yet shy. Bright and reflected. Beautiful in all aspects one can think of, from head to toe with her eyes being the icing on the cake. They are mesmerizing, unavoidable, irresistible.
Karyna.12 Photos
A wonderful character, a charming personality, a wonderful professional model with a body to die for, thanks to constant work-out; a most fascinating conversationalist and foremost: Eyes. Eyes so captivating, [...]
Cheyanne.8 Photos
What a character ! What a personality ! Cheyanne is charming, absolutely professional, easy to get along with, always in for a good laugh. Her posing is sure, convincing and full of intensity. A photographer‘s [...]
Jessy.37 Photos
Vivid character. Self-confident. Full of ideas. Outright beautiful. Blessed with a body second to none. Jessy is special, very special. I feel privileged to have been able to photograph her as she embodies [...]