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Galleries 44

18748when from solitude become daydreams,the heart begins to knock...
10131I wish the feelings would never stop talking....
9925daydreams come true if you believe in it...
8421moments i will never forget...
8321living in dreams
3811in den Augen steht was das Herz sagt wenn es einen Mund hätte...
7121wishful thinking
4616the truth of the feelings is visible in the eyes
4015silent daydream
4514always in my mind...
7213desire is like a book that you write but never finished...
309wonderful dreams
318thoughts of a wonderful time with you ...
496548Ghazaleh - persian beauty
374455touch my soul
243367listen to my heart
594314early in the morning - when i wake up
168266feel so good and free
212206waiting for...
98197i don't know the reason
212191can i believe...?
138191amazing Helen
130179listen to you
92161waiting for it....
183154in my minds
126143could you play me a lovesong?
340141checking the daily heartbeats...
73138sensual dreams
86136amazing Anna
237133Feelings are like a book that you write but never finished
111129how should i say it to him...
49127what do you think?
101123bedtime story
44123fashion by Lyliana
108119pure sensuality
57114look at me
116113deep im my heart
128111on the beach
67111at the castle
92108süße Schnute....
77106i try to understand
78102look into my soul
69102lonely moments s-w
140100lonely moments
23499if i could say it with words...
5398ein Tag ohne Dein Lächeln...
5797ganz frech gelauert...
3294sweet sweet smile
2994Fashion by Katerella
8989i know- you know
7789Come to me....
6787left alone
4487like an angel....
4686i try to understand
6984i just wanna feel.....
6983fashion is the profession
6783Rocker Style
5283authentic emotions
19880waiting for a strange visitor...
2080looking back
9479good mood
5378time to chill
2178colors of my life
2073and when you smile...just the way you are...
4074sensual impressions
20572authentic moments
4772private moments
2872Valentina-natural impressions
5071everything you said to me....
4971impressions of the summer
5768Sunday morning
3767let it rock
3867secret moments
3766in my minds
1264Du machst mir Komplimente?
2662deep in my soul...
2361feel the wind
1362thinking about...
2359colors of nature
1959it's comming true
2456ups...hab ich jetzt was falsches gesagt?
2055deep in my soul
2754golden angel
13253feel so lucky
1153no fun - no shoot
1452i wish....
2352dreams come true
951and when you smile...
2449sweet smiling
4048how deep is your love...
2448all the things you said...
1847lady in red
3746home is where the dream begins
3345only you...
2143deep in my soul
1343thinking of the future
1642er wird mich schon mögen....
1041in my mind
3140loving your smile
13538temptation is a mind game
1838sensual moments
14536I wish
7537lessons of my soul....
5936Mausezähnchen - natural impressions
1636in my mind
9235if you really want to know...
2534in your eyes
731if i could say it with words....
8930a smile is the mirror of the soul, as long as it is honesty...
3130believe in me
3029silent summerdreams
1529wishful thinking
11726being with you in my mind
2825amazing Angie
9924something's going wrong with my memories...