Santa Clara, CA
29th April 2016

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3 months ago
Super, gefällt mir segr,
Lg. Edi
Mit Worten nicht zu beschreiben, einfach Traumhaft schön!
7 years ago
Also a beautiful photo from you. Your body is really are really a beautiful woman and model! The posing and the light is also perfect. Well done! LG Michael
7 years ago
Das Bild ist einfach wunderschön, dein Body ist hier perfekt abgebildet, dein Gesicht mit den geschlossenen Augen ist so sinnlich und deine Hände sind inspirierend.
7 years ago
Very fine nude photography with this good light and your erotic appeareance!
Have a nice evening!
7 years ago
this marvellous backside owns standing ovations !
7 years ago
Vielen Dank! I love this shot and the whole series and you're correct it was all about the light setup which was simply gorgeous!
Have a fantastic day and thanks again, gentlemen!
7 years ago
Wonderful shot! Awesome light! Let's say perfect! :-)
Kind regards
7 years ago
Great, I love it.
LG Hans-Peter
7 years ago
Traumbody in einen wunderbaren Licht.
Lg. Alfred
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7 years ago
Well done. Nice Lighting, Nice Posing.
Warm regards, Jürgen
Sehr sinnlich und wunderschön.

Liebe Grüße von
[gone] photography Jelinek
7 years ago
very nice

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