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1 year ago
großartiges Bild, Wow.
4 years ago
Thank you Daniel for getting creative at my new home studio! We had so much fun and I love seeing new angles and possibilities of this location!
Thank you also to Juergen for the nice compliments.
And big thanks to Norbert! I am flattered and you are always welcome here at! As soon as I'm back from US I will work on the location possibilities even more!
Hugs to all of you, gentlemen, I'm a very lucky girl to know you all personally and to have posed for you!
Extremely hot and humid Rhode Island says hi!
4 years ago
Fein gemacht. Klasse.
LG Jürgen
4 years ago
Wow, absolut erstklassiges Bild! Wunderbare Szene, passende Farben, tolle Idee und insgesamt perfekte Umsetzung!