30th March 2017
shot at my own http://www.pragueboudoir.com/studio
by the wonderful Melanie Feuerer of http://www.effektvoll.photography

This shot, and nine more, got published at Solis mag and here's the link for your viewing pleasure ...


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Likes ..... ! Congratulations and best wishes from the

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3 years ago
So sexy!
LG florian
very nice shot. difficult to take but thumbs up

greets ::A:C::
4 years ago
This But is a Dream.

LG Peter
4 years ago
Rien ne vaut une belle paire de fesses....
LG Robert
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5 years ago

Giorgio Zambelli
Great view Nikola ! My Swiss chocolate is melting in my hand ;) haha
[gone] User_190801
5 years ago
Grandiose Ansicht... hammer
6 years ago
Hammer Nicky !
Lg Frank ;)
6 years ago
[gone] User_11506
6 years ago
Beautiful picture
6 years ago
Beautiful feminine lines ! Fantastic play with the light ....
Best, Patrick
6 years ago
Fine work - I like!
Best regards
6 years ago
Thanks a bunch, Stefan, Juergen and Paul! I'm glad you guys like it!
6 years ago
wunderbares Bild
Lieben Gruß, Stefan
6 years ago
Very nice one Niky.
Warmest, Jürgen
6 years ago
Wonderful posing, the light is caressing your skin gently.
6 years ago
Thank you Rolf, Thorsten and Peter!
Have a wonderful weekend, gentlemen!
Nice Backside in passender Tonung.
6 years ago
nice "apple" :)
greetings thorsten
6 years ago
Very nice Butt.

LG Peter
6 years ago
Nice wordplay, Pat! Almost as nice as Melanie made my butt look like in this angle :*
Glad you like it,
nice, but .... ehm
I mean ... Nice Butt !

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